remembering times with Ricky part 1

Published February 23, 2024 tag category
remembering times with Ricky part 1

*** Please note words in brackets are a translation for /american/">american readers where I think required

There are times in a mans life when little things trigger lots of memories , last Thursday evening
was one of those times,

My eldest son was working late and ask me for a pick up, when he stepped up to the car he had a work mate with him.  He was introduced as Dan and has he lived near by could we give give him a lift home.
As Dan slipped into the back seat I caught a better look at his face and that was the trigger for lots of memories that I though I had buried or at the very least comes to terms with.  Dan was 6ft 2in tall slim and very good looking,  a face that reminded me of a college pal that I spent many happy hours with,  exploring our sexuality that lead to gay threesomes, bisexual foursomes and later,  just before I got married,  straight partner swapping.

My college pal, Richard or ?Ricky? Small, was a six footer and and he too was slim and some would say skinny and looked younger than his 18 years and despite his protests to the contrary a very fine ?female? bum (Butt ). . . . men have arses,  young women have bums gaining an arse when they put on weight or white attractive slutty whore xxxxvie spread hips through age unless they are over 120 lbs at age 18 then they are straight to the arse category. .
It was his bum that drew my attention the day we met.  He was driving to college in a beat up Leyland Metro and every so often the little 3 door hatch back would have engine problems and it was one of those times when the car had played up in the college car park and Ricky was under the bonnet (Hood  ) trying to work out what was wrong and all I could see was this ?/cute/">cute bum?in close fitting denim and thinking I could help a? damsel in distress? strolled over and asked if I could help.
Much to my /surprise/">surprise,  but not disgust ,  a blue eyed,  silver blond male stood up .

?only if your on the car servicing course? . . . . .
?sorry no, but my old man owns a vehicle workshop and he does a lot with these?
?Ah! Ok clever clogs see if you can fix it?

With Ricky looking on and my mind starting to swirl with a sudden and surprising sexual urge I stooped over the engine and spotted the problem.  The HT lead had rubbed against the engine and was shorting out so a temporary fix would be easy,  all I had to do was lift the lead away and secure it to the broken bracket that should have held it.
?Got any insulating tape or at least a rubber band??
Ricky smiled and replied ?the only rubbers Ive got come in foil wrappers?.
?then loose a fuck a and Ill use it to fix your problem !
A foil wrapped condom was passed to me,  Ricky making sure He placed it in the palm of my hand
and standing close enough for my fingers to brush against the crotch of His well filled jeans.  He didnt flinch as I curled my fingers round the foil package,  brushing even closer as I moved my hand away to effect the repair.

Job done I stood up and motioned to Ricky to start the car and see if My handy work had done the job. . . Much to Rickys amazement the engine burst into life. . . and it would seem my other handy work on his crotch , all be it briefly and , on my part, unintentional had done a little job on Ricky as well
?well done fella now its going can I give you a lift,  Im off home to Milton, you live on the way?
?Yes as it happens. . Blackberry drive?
?Great stuff. . . . hop in Ive got some questions you may be able to help me with. !!?

Ricky was straight to the point with his questions.
?Was you hoping to find a fuckable babe under the bonnet just now??
I looked at Ricky and had a sudden rush of blood to the crotch and a hoped a curiosity I had for a while would be answered if I was honest. .
?Yep! I ve got to admit that it was you bum that attracted me over over!
? so you think Ive got a ?chicks arse??
?you could say that?
?Ive got too much hair on my arse to be a chick (attractive young lady ). . . You got time to come back to my flat so I can prove it??

At that moment my life took a turn that was to give me equal measures of excitement and misery and marriage and divorce and two sons, one of which I may not have been the biological father to.  All that was was six years in the future but at that moment I knew the prospect of man on man sexual activities didnt worry me, in fact were getting me excited and I would never forgive myself if I threw away the chance .
?Ok Ive got no plans for the evening . You stunning brunette hussy diana xxxxpv show me yours and Ill show you mine!?
Ricky pushed the throttle to the floor and the little Metro rushed forward carrying to new friends to
an appointment for sex.

We got into his maisonette  (a sort of two story apartment ) and Ricky had barely shut the door and he was pulling off his top to reveal a lean, narrow pasty white torso, he turned to me and without asking threw my arms in the air and lifted my top off in the same way a mother would with a child and kicked off his shoes and bent to pull off his socks pointing that denim clad bum in my direction. .

? If you want tsee you got follow!?

With that he ran up the stairs and went through the open door at the top, I stopped long enough to remove my shoes and socks and ran after him.
At the top of the stairs I paused, a sudden dread crossing my mind, what if I was wrong and I was about to be the subject of a ?gay bashing?. . . . . Rickys voice called from the bedroom.
?whats keeping you? You changed your mind??

I stepped in the door to find Ricky face down on the bed wearing only a black pair of boxer shorts.
That made up my mind, as I stepped forward I did the male ballet of dropping my jeans and balancing on one leg and then the other as I pulled them off, so I to was down to my under ware,  in my case a pair of black briefs tenting in the front,  pushed out by a standard 6 inches of rigid penis.  I hoped Ricky would not be disappointed.

?Come on fella pull my shorts down an look close, youll soon see Im not a chick. . cos if a chicks got a hairy arse like mine shes a bloke (man ) with his nuts chopped off!!?
I did as I was bid, slowly pulling by the waistband . He lifted his hips and reached under to lift his penis away and allowed me to reveal a very peachy firm bum with fine blond hairs forming a lining to a narrow cleft then disappearing between his thighs.
?look close cos you wont see a lot from a distance?.

I moved down and took in a deep breath and enjoyed for the /first-time/">first time the /sweet/">sweet musky smell of a warm bum as I got closer,  he parted his cheeks to reveal the knot of his sphincter that he clenched and unclenched as I watched.  All the waiting and watching of /gay/gay-porn/">gay porn suddenly burst and I dipped down and licked that narrow slot and pushed my tongue into the pulsing hole and lapped . tasting the slightly bitter mix of sweat and musk.