Baseball The all american sport

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Baseball The all american sport

I was sitting in the stands watching and recording each move of a baseball game, keeping a watchful eye on every /tight/tight-ass/">tight ass on the field - especially the one belonging to the pitcher. As the game drew to a close, I could feel myself getting hotter and hotter. Before I knew it, I was wiggling in my seat! When free porn movies download the game was over I took off for my post-game interviews. My press pass got me into the locker room area where I congratulated the team. When I finally made my way to my favorite player, I walked right up behind him and lightly brushed over his towel-covered ass. He turned around and was surprised to see me. We made our way to his private dressing room for a one-on-one interview. My blood started racing through my body at a high rate of speed, and I found it difficult to concentrate on his words. He sat opposite me wearing only his towel with his legs cocked open. I absently wrote down notes, but my eyes kept drifting to his inner thighs. He could probably feel the heat from my continual stare and he spread his legs just a little wider. When the interview was almost over, I asked him if I full hd xvideo download could bring a few of the other players in for their comments on the game. He agreed, not knowing what was in store!

I stepped out to pick out a few more players and left the door sitting open so I could keep an eye on him. It only took a few minutes to return with three more players wrapped only in towels too. They took notice of how my tits begin to perk under my tight-fitting tank top while I jotted a few notes. I strutted seductively past each one, shaking my ass on my way to the door and locked it. Then I circled around and sidled up behind the pitcher and wrapped my arms around his hard body, moving my hands over his chest and down to his cock. I twisted around him and grabbed his towel in my teeth and pulled it free as I guided him to the bench. While I straddled the board, he dangled his dick in front of my face, moving it toward my waiting, /mouth/hot-mouth/">hot mouth. I latched onto it and began bobbing my head back and forth. Soooo delicious!!! The teammates just stared in amazement. They could not believe their eyes!

While still getting his cock sucked, the pitcher began to rub my tits until they were candy apple red and peaked like the Eiffel Tower. I laid back and he moved his hands over my tits, down my stomach, then fondled my clit. The second baseman decided to join the /party/">party and made his way to the bench. He started at my /feet/">feet and gently rubbed his hands over my knees up my thighs. His tongue followed, stroking a path of fire over my flesh as I impaled myself on the four fingers the pitcher had wedged into my pussy. My body raged with passion as I moaned and came with joy. The second baseman moved down to taste my /sweet/">sweet juice. I was so engulfed by my orgasm, I let the cock slip from my lips. It was quickly replaced by the eager third baseman who had stroked himself to a vine-hard length.

I was repositioned with my knees on the bench, my ass in the air, a cock in my mouth, a tongue to my clit; then the pitcher grandslammed me - sinking his dick deep inside. I let out a powerful moan at the incredible sensations filling me. I invited the fourth player to join the /orgy/">orgy and rubbed his cock between my sweat-slick tits. The players' balls exploded and my body was washed in cum. I revealed in the feeling of /cum/hot-cum/">hot cum dripping off me as my body throbbed. I don't know exactly what became of my notes, but that's one interview that I'll never forget!