Amazing Aspen

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Amazing Aspen

My body ached from a long day spent teaching skiing. It had been a tough day instructing an older couple from the big city. My legs were sore and my mind was exhausted. The short walk back from the slopes had made me yearn for a few minutes of peace and quiet. It occurred to me that what I needed was a cool drink and a long dip in the hot tub. I grabbed a bottle of champagne from the fridge.

It felt good to relax. Upstairs, I stripped out of my ski clothes and looked myself over real forced anal against her will in the mirror. It made me feel good to be sore and worn out but still have a hard and toned body.

The out on the rear deck was always hot and I turned on the bubble jets to get the water moving. I figured the jets, if properly aimed, would give me a massage. It was getting dark now but you could look up the mountain and still see shadows. The headlights of the snow cats were sparkling as they moved over the fields of snow.

Lowering my body into the tub I felt the hot water surround me. So hot it almost scalded my skin. Gently I leaned back and poured myself another glass of bubbly. I knew that in a few minutes my buzz would increase from the heat of the tub. It felt good to be warmed so wonderfully from the neck down while my head and mind were cool and crisp. The champagne tasted wonderful and it began to make me light headed. I closed my eyes and enjoyed all the sensations.

I think I might have been close to dozing when I heard the soft grinding of the gate hinges. My eyes opened and across the snowy yard came Diana, the newest member of the ski school staff. I knew she was here to find out why I continued to give her the more difficult pupils at the ski school.

"Hello Allen. I knocked at the front door but no one answered. I hope you don't mind that I came around back," she stated flatly.

"Hi Diana. That's no problem at all. How did things go today?" I asked.

"The day was okay. But I was really bummed that I had to haul the Von Trapp family all over the mountain. The kids whine and complain, the wife can't get off the chair lift without falling and the old man leers at me all day long." She complained.

Diana looked quite fine in her clingy stretch pants. I completely understood what old man Von Trapp was looking at. Her curly hair was mussed from her long day being windblown on the mountain. And though her jacket was zipped tight you could tell she was curvaceous. Beneath the bubbly water my hot body began to react to her feminine charms. My mind wandered to thoughts of intimacy and desire.

"Listen Diana, I'm sorry that you had a tough group today but that's what rookies get. I'll make you a deal; if you don't bust my balls about it then over the next couple days I'll try and get you a make good. Would that make you feel better?" I offered.

"Yes! That would be great. I think after this week of students I deserve a no brainer." She smiled when she heard my response. Her eyes and smile were like a beacon. I knew she was a keeper for the school.

She turned to leave and told me, "I'm sorry I interrupted your quiet time. But be careful, drinking in a hot tub can make you woozy."

I smiled now. She was absolutely right. My head felt light and my dirty mind had turned to thoughts of that ripe young body.

"What are you going to do now?" I asked Diana. "I"d be glad to let you have some Dom, if you get another glass from the kitchen."

She stopped in her tracks, turned and gave me a wicked smile. "I'm supposed to finish off the Von Trapp's reviews. If the boss gives me the OK I could probably finish them off later." Diana suggested. She raised her eyebrows and gave me the "its up to you" look.

With a huff I relented and said, "You can finish them tonight, at home."

"In that case, I'll be right back." And she hustled off into the house.

Her absence gave me a chance to look at the mountains again. I loved the cool, clean air. After living in the City it was a pleasure to be surrounded by all that's natural. My champagne was still cold and crisp too. Aspen was a place that pleased all the senses.

Diana quietly came out of the house barefoot, wrapped in a hefty fleece robe. She's a petite girl and the robe was made for a full sized man. Because it was so large on her she had to hold it up and it still dragged on the ground. In her hand was a champagne glass identical to mine. She moved quickly over to the tub, pulled the robe up and under her, and lowered her feet gingerly into the roiling water. Her smile was infectious and I could feel myself beginning to smile also. She held up her glass and with a wink indicated she wanted it filled up. Always the gentleman, I poured her a brimful and set the bottle down.

"I might have taken a liberty. You never really asked me to get in the tub did you? But I saw this robe on the hook and I know you like your instructors to be dynamic so I took a chance it was okay," She blurted out.

"No. You"re right. I had been thinking that you might like to get in some Aspen "apr's ski". An end of day cocktail and a jump in the tub is a mighty fine finish. Besides I"ve had some 'me time" and I'm glad to get to know you a little better. Make yourself comfortable."

She kept kicking up her legs out of the water. I never knew how sexy ankles could be but she made it happen. They were small but and they were the introduction to a terrific pair of legs. She was leaning forward, sipping her drink and looking at the mountains. It was picture perfect, straight out of a movie. I laughed out loud for no reason and her head swiveled to see what the joke was.

"Diana, if you"re going to drink my champagne and sit in my hot tub, you might as well go all the way. Come on in, the water feels excellent." I said.

She put down her glass. As she turned to me with a look somewhere between shy and embarrassed, she untied the sash on the robe. She pulled the lapels apart and with a quick flip tossed it over her shoulders. There was a flash of skin and I knew she had left all her clothes inside the house. She dropped into the water like a fish. She was now immersed from the neck down. Her bare arm rose out of the water and grasped her drink and with a long pull she downed the entire glass.

"I'm ready for a refill, thanks." Diana said.

"The bottle's right there. Fell free to help yourself," I responded as I pointed to the bottle.

The hot bubbling water and the fine wine had really softened me up. My normally professional exterior had given way to a spontaneous schoolboy. As Diana reached for the bottle my arms reached around her and pulled her to me. She turned to me with a startled look and then a smile went to her eyes. She leaned in close and gave me a soft wet kiss. I responded in kind, giving her a long luxurious French kiss. Our mouths met and embraced.

Her skin was hot from the water and she felt very soft to my touch. I knew that she would notice my arousal immediately. My cock was standing straight up and we were locked in each other's arms. She settled on my lap with my cock resting against her hip.

She wrapped her arms around my neck and her breasts flattened against my chest. My tongue wandered inside her mouth while my hands moved across her back and ass. They were firm and muscled. My mouth moved slowly over her skin to her neck. I was lost in the buzz of passion and heat. Her neck was long and supple. I knew she was pleased by the humming noise coming from her throat. My hands skimmed over her back and to her waist. With one hand I pinned her to me the other reached up to explore her breasts. They were full and firm and I was delighted.

My pleasure was obvious. My continued to press into her hip. Diana's hand reached below the water to grasp my cock. Her delicate fingers wrapped around it and began a slow stroking motion. I moved my hips into her to show my appreciation. She pulled away momentarily and returned to me with a leg on each side of my hips. Her pussy was now gently teasing my hardness.

"Get out of the tub. Sit here on the side," She said.

I did as she requested. My legs dangling in the water while I wrapped myself in the robe. As I sat on the edge of the tub, Diana moved between my legs and kissed my inner thigh. Her nose gently nudged my balls. Her hands caressed my thighs and ass. Her face moved closer to my stiff cock. Right then she looked up at me and flashed her pearly whites again. She took a swig of her drink and quickly turned her attention back to my member.

When Diana's chilled mouth engulfed my warm cock it sent waves of pleasure through my body. Her fingers cupped my balls while the other hand grasped the base of my penis. Up and down slowly, sometimes taking it in her mouth and sometimes running her tongue up the shaft. Her mouth warmed quickly as she bathed me with her tongue. It felt heavenly. She massaged my cock inside her mouth then moved lower to suckle my balls. I closed my eyes and let her have her way with me. I began to feel that familiar feeling at the base of my shaft and I quickly slid out of her. I wanted to please her before I had my release.

We kissed again and now it was her turn for oral pleasure. We switched places and she moved up and into the robe with her ass at the edge of the tub. Her thighs were steaming from the hot skin being exposed to the cold air. Standing before her I moved my mouth from her lips to her shoulders and then to her breasts. Her nipples were still warm from the water and I sucked first one then the other into my hungry mouth. Her eyes were closed as my hands roamed lower.

I teased xnxxv sunny leone video and flicked her nipples with my tongue and began to kiss into her cleavage. Slowly I worked my way South. Her tummy was fine and firm as my kisses glanced over it. As I lowered myself into the tub her pubic mound came to my attention. Surprisingly her patch was trimmed short and into the shape of a heart. Suddenly I had a different perspective about Diana.

My mouth moved over her hair to her clearly visible pussy lips. My tongue slid over her folds tasting her for the . Diana leaned back on her elbows and spread her legs wide. She draped her legs over my shoulders as I began to flick her clitoris with my lips and tongue. My hands held her swaying hips in place. I inserted my fingers into her dripping pussy and felt the warmth inside. My entire brain was focused on giving this woman an orgasm. My tongue moved quickly inside her lips and I lightly brushed her clit with the tips of my fingers. I could feel little trembles in her body.

My fingers were now deep inside her searching for her pleasure spot. Any time Diana responded to my touch I worked that area more completely. Her pussy was completely mine.

I felt her palm against my forehead and she said, " I'm cold, let me in the tub."

She discarded the robe and moved into the water. I wrapped her in my arms and kissed her deeply. She found my cock with her hands and moved her legs around me. Ever so gently I pressed the tip of my cock into her. I held my cock and rubbed it against her clit. Her eyes were closed and she wiggled her hips to try and force me in.

With just tiny movements I pressed into her. My hardness penetrated her pussy an aching inch at a time. Her mouth opened and a small moan escaped. I could feel her silky walls surround my cock until her pubic bone rested on the hilt of my stem. We kissed deeply as my cock rested deep inside her.

"Can you feel this?" Diana asked me.

Her pussy muscles began to contract around my penis. My instinct was to stroke inside of her but she held me in place.

"That feels unbelievable. No one's ever given me a before." I exclaimed.

She said, "After you cum inside me I'll squeeze every drop out of that thing!"

She had completely enraptured me. I had never guessed the surprises this small creature had in store for me. My cock was buried deep inside her taught body and she rested lightly on my lap. From the water it was easy to lift her up and place her onto the tub edge. My penis never left her . I laid her on the fleece and hovered over her. My cock was pulsing inside her. My hips began to grind in and out. I could feel the head of my cock pressing into her hot flesh.

I moved over her even further and began thrusting into her more quickly. The shaft of my cock was gliding over her clit with ever stroke. Her eyes were closed now and her hips moved against me.

"Allen, that feels so fucking good," Diana blurted out.

I no longer could control myself. My strokes became selfish as I slammed my stiff cock into her yummy pussy. I began to move faster still, knowing the end was coming. Her fingers moved to her pussy and I could feel them playing with her clit.

She was oblivious to me now. I could feel her pussy start to contract around me. Her hips vibrated and I heard her breath heave in as her whole body tensed. She shivered from her core and with a gasp she exclaimed, "I'm cuming!" I felt my cock lubricate with her juices and then my balls tightened and I thrust into her. My penis constricted and then burst open shooting my deep into her. The spasms throbbed as my cock slide in and out of our mingled cum. Then I felt her muscles tighten around me again. Pressing in and milking my swollen cock. She smiled again, though her eyes stay closed.

Our bodies pulled apart. My cock was dripping as I pulled it from her wonderful pussy. My skin was cold so I quickly dropped back into the hot tub. She followed suit and immersed herself. As she came up for air I pulled her to me and kissed her mouth softly. She looked into my eyes and gave me that smile one more time.

As we reached for our champagne glasses and had another sip, fluffy snowflakes began to gently drift down. We could expect fresh powder in the morning. It was the most pleasurable moment I had felt in a long time.